Welcome to the Shire of Steren Codha

Exploring the Current Middle Ages in Kokomo, Indiana

Imagine yourself standing on a field surrounded by colorful pavilions as banners flutter and snap overhead. Around you, richly dressed lords and ladies are watching knights in armor who battle with sword and shield. Music fills the air as minstrels play lutes and sing ballads of love and war. In the shadows of one especially grand tent, you see a King and Queen conferring with their advisors.

Are you in a historical romance? No, it’s the Society for Creative Anachronism! The SCA is an immersive history group where you, dressed in clothing of the period, can experience tournaments, royal courts, feasts, and dancing, and learn how to recreate crafts and skills of the pre-17th century world.

The Shire of Steren Codha the Kokomo, Indiana chapter of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). We are a branch of the Middle Kingdom, which covers  Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and parts of Kentucky, Iowa, and Ontario. Our shire includes Howard county, Tipton county, Carrol county west as far as IN 75, and Cass county north as far as IN 18. Key cities in this area are Kokomo, Tipton, Burlington, Flora, and Galveston.

We were founded in the late 1980’s by largely three main groups of people: military members stationed at Grissom Air Force Base, a role playing game group, and actors and musicians from Kokomo Civic Theater. Our shire is one of the only shires to have formed independently without breaking off from a previously existing group. Steren Codha’s name means “Shooting Star” in Cornish and was selected because of the original members’ strong interest in archery. Our first event was held in Flora, IN as an archery event called Slings and Arrows.

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