Steren Codha Officers


The administrative head of the Shire and its legal representative

Lady Gemma Cappleman

(Sharese Fearnow-Sexton)


Responsible for helping newcomers and arranging demonstrations.

Lady Phye Heydewolff

(Dee Bridges-Walker)


The financial officer of the Shire.

Friar Owain Gobii

(Drew Godby)

Knights Marshal

In charge of armored combat, also known as heavy fighting.

Elyas Clovenshield

(Josh Fearnow-Sexton)

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Responsible for promoting arts and sciences in the Shire.

Ylva Ingolfsdottir

(Brittani Litton)


Responsible for registering names and devices.

Bjorn Snorison

(Chris Litton)


Responsible for the Shire website and its maintenance.

Elyas Clovenshield

(Josh Fearnow-Sexton)

Social Media Officer

Responsible for the Shire social media and its maintenance.

Lady Gemma Cappleman

(Sharese Fearnow-Sexton)

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