Update: June 1, 2021

Our next meeting will be Thursday, June 3rd @ 6 pm at 1967 W. BLVD st. For this meeting, please bring a chair, wear a mask properly over your nose, and RSVP. Per Kingdom, anyone wishing to attend meetings of any kind MUST RSVP.
You may do this via Facebook (https://fb.me/e/db1gmofRr) or by emailing our Seneschal at sterencodha.seneschal@midrealm.org

As many of you may be aware, there have been some vast changes in guidelines over the past week starting July 1. I will summarize them here:

Per Corporate and Kingdom, everything will be opening July 1st with minimal restrictions. Archery, Thrown and Heavy Fighting practices are able to start back up after this time, normally, with no restrictions besides local county restrictions. However, if any Steren Codha members feels uncomfortable with others handling their gear, please speak up so that we know.

Marshals are encouraged to attend online training sessions, but will NOT lose their warrant (as stated previously) if they choose not to.

Here is the direct link to the Martial Activity Restart announcement: https://midrealm.org/…/martial-activity-restart-update…/

—This also means that events which include camping will be starting back up as well.

Per TRM, “All SCA, Inc., state, and local restrictions must be strictly observed.We continue to heartily encourage all Midrealmers who are able to obtain a vaccination to do so to protect others who may not be able to be vaccinated due to health concerns or their age.We encourage those who wish to wear a mask to do so, especially if they are not vaccinated. “

In short: masks are no longer required as of July 1st unless specifically stated. Our only restrictions are no shared food or beverages.

For the month of June, these restrictions still stand:

Pre-reg for everything, masks, no shared food or beverages.

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