Update: March 9, 2021

Our next meeting will be outdoors Thursday, April 1st at 6pm. It will be held at 1967 W BLVD St. Kokomo, IN

After Howard County has moved into “Code Blue”, your officers and myself feel that it is safe to have gatherings/meetings again, following CDC guidelines and Kingdom guidelines. We are limited to a maximum of ten attendees so you will need to check with Gemma to see if there is still room for you. If you with to attend, please email Gemma at seneschal.sterencodha@midrealm.org.

Even if you have been vaccinated, please wear a mask. This will not be a business meeting. Just a chance for us all to touch base with one another.

“Attendance for all business meetings/social gatherings will be limited to 10 people. It does not matter if your state allows larger gatherings. Organizations are permitted to have stricter requirements and we are doing so. Children count as people. So a family of 4 is already 2/5ths of your attendance. Disregard for these limits will result in me temporarily closing the group and you will be subject to sanctions (removal from office). Many states are spiking in the number of COVID cases and we are still on a first wave. Remember, I can set your group up for Zoom so you can gather in the safety of your own homes. Please be safe and take care of yourselves.” ~Cerridwen, MK Seneschal

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