Seneschal - Gemma Cappleman
Seneschal – Gemma Cappleman


I am Lady Gemma Cappleman; I am the Shire of Steren Codha’s Seneschal. I have been a member of the SCA since 2006. I am interested in archery, fiber arts and equestrian activities. My persona is based around 14th century England. “Cappleman” was the name given to the caretaker of horses.

My modern name is Sharese Behny. I have worked at a library since 2007 and I have been riding horses since I was 10. I competed in show jumping for 7 years, but now my pony and I just ride for fun. I hope to eventually learn mounted archery. I started archery four years ago, and now I shoot a Hungarian Horse Bow. I like to read young adult fantasy in my free time and spend time with my cats and hedgehog.