Exchequer - Frair Owain Gobii
Exchequer – Frair Owain Gobii

       My name is Friar Owain Gobii. I am the Shire Exchequer. I am in charge of all financial matters in the Shire. I have been a part of the SCA since 2009. My interests in the SCA are Dancing, Illuminations, Medieval Games, Archery, and Cooking. My persona is based around 12th century Wales with the Brethren of Penance of Jesus Christ of the Sack Friars. “Gobii” is the old way of spelling my surname of Godby from that time period.

       My modern name is Drew Godby and I am a Social Studies Teacher. Outside of the SCA, I like to read, camp, and canoe. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.