Clown Tourney

Clown Tourney

Presented By: the Shire’s of Narrental and Steren Codha
Miami County Fairgrounds
1029 W 200 N, Peru, IN 46970
October 5th – 7th 
Troll opens:
6 P.M. until 9 P.M. Friday 
Troll will re-open 9 A.M. until 3 P.M. Saturday.
Site will close at 12 P.M. Sunday the 7th.
Registration Fee:
$15 per Adult. $5 members discount.
$5 Children ages 5-12 
Children under 5 are free!
$8 per person
*This Site is Bone Dry* 
*Camp Fires Must be Above Ground and Contained*
Clown Tourney


Heavy Combat



Rennard’s Rounds- 10 consecutive rounds of 6 arrows

IKAC- 40, 30, 20 yard rounds

Themed target shoots (moving ground targets, special others, etc)

Handbow/Crossbow specific competitions

We will have Prizes that will include:

A super cool leather bound journal

Dozen Arrows/Bolts from Artisan Archery

**We will need Marshal’s in training to help run the range**



Throwing Weapons


Brewing (Non Alcoholic)

Please contact Verena Entenwirth to compete

You may send a request by carrier pigeon or email

Verena at

or Facebook

Upton Paggles (Artisan Village)

Please contact Katarina Helene von Schöenborn if you are interested in being apart of the village.

Meisterin.katarina at


Bardic Competition!

Bardic circle Saturday night around the fire. Feast entertainment! All bards welcome!


Bardic And Performing Arts Activities
Friday Night Oct 5th ~ 
Welcome Open Bardic and Performing Arts Circle Space!
In the building labeled ‘Bards’ on the map – starting after ‘0-dark-30’!

Saturday October 6th ~

Saturday Morning Classes:

Do you have a Performing Art or Bardic Class you might like to offer Saturday AM at Clown Tourney?  
Please contact loreleiskye25 at with your ideas!

12:30 – 2pm – Come Experience A Mini Fyt of Bardic Madness!  
(short description)  
Unable to attend Bardic Madness? Now’s your chance!
You can find the the three challenges for the Fyt of Madness we’re bringing to Clown Tourney at: (longer description) Heard about the Bardic Madness event, but have been unable to attend? Now’s your chance – We are bringing a Fyt of Madness to Clown Tourney! The three challenges for this can be found at: This is not a competition, and is an excellent opportunity for new and experienced performers alike. Gentles wishing to participate as a supportive audience are most welcome to attend. 

2:00pm – 4:30pm – Performing Arts Competition!
Greetings to all!  This competition is open to performers of all stripes, motley, checky and lozengy!   Open to everyone- present your best work – (Songs, Story, Poem, Juggling, Mime, Mumming, Theatrical Scene…) that is within 3-5 minutes or less for songs and poems, 5-7 minutes for storytellers, physical performances, or dramatic/theater scenes – this includes the time to set up and clear the stage area.  Audience is welcome to come and watch the full Competition.  
The finalists will be chosen to perform their material for all those attending Feast!

Saturday night, after Feast:

Open Bardic and Performing Arts Circle – likely in the building labeled ‘bard’, we will update signs if needed on site!

Hound Coursing



Merchants! Please contact Lady Siobhan Greenmeadow (Libby Washburn) 765-432- 9244 for information on selling your wares at the event. Once notified you will be added to the site.