In the SCA, we develop what are called “Personas” which can be as simple or intricate as you wish to make them. A “persona” is the name, time period, and place you wish to place yourself in and do the research behind. A “device” can also be made to fit your persona, which would be an insignia that could

be found upon a shield.

“Your S.C.A. name is the name you’ll use at S.C.A. activities. The S.C.A. models itself on Europe as it was before 1600 A.D., so the name you pick should be one that might actually have been used then.

However, you shouldn’t adopt the name of a real historical person; the S.C.A. doesn’t reenact the events of those times, so historical figures don’t belong at S.C.A. events. Your SCA name should also be different from your legal name, to reflect the difference between your modern and S.C.A. identities.” (SCA.org)

Brian Washburn is our Herald and can offer advice on the subject.

A great site to visit for research is: